The pip of the apple and the eye of the potato had started to germinate and the journey began when Bill and Steve shared a stand in the Flower Pavilion at the Royal Cornwall Show in 2015. 


Introducing themselves are two farmers, Bill Cole and Steve Dustow. 

Two farms, Haye Farm and Colwith Farm.  

Two sides of the Fowey River, Haye on the North and Colwith on the South. 

Two proud farming traditions. 

One shared passion to respect the integrity, heritage and history of the farms with a single focus to produce an exceptional subtle and elegant Cornish gin.



Realising that Bill and Steve shared the same passion for history, heritage, provenance and product integrity, they decided to “enjoy a glass and have a conversation”. This said conversation took place at Fowey Hall during the Summer of 2016 and the resulting unique collaboration was the BeGINning of a new history - Fowey River Gin which in turn grew to become Smuggled from Cornwall.



A beef and sheep farm that has a unique cider heritage. Haye Farm Cider has been handcrafted on the farm using the same traditional methods that have little changed since the 13th Century.


The farm nestles in the beautiful Cornish countryside by the River Fowey and Penpol Creek.


The farm has over 50 varieties of apple that are grown on the farm and hand-picked. The apples are straw-pressed traditionally and allowed to ferment naturally in whisky, rum and port barrels, creating a distinctive, premium cider.


It is this very same cider that is distilled in Smuggled from Cornwall Gin!


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On the opposite side of the river is Colwith Farm. Colwith Farm Distillery is founded upon five generations of farming history.


The idea to build the region's first plough-to-bottle distillery was developed by brothers Steve & Chris in 2010. Producing premium spirits represented the perfect way to add value to the crops produced on Colwith Farm. 


Stafford Dustow (as in Stafford's Gin) moved to Colwith Farm, near Lanlivery in 1904. Five generations of the family have passionately farmed the soils ever since. At present, the father & son team of Mike & Chris are responsible for growing the crops that are transformed into premium spirits. Steve & Sophie look after the distillery, whilst Granddad Clive, now in his 80's, keeps an eye on general proceedings and tends to the animals.


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